Save time and money by outsourcing your human resources tasks

Watch your business thrive and grow

We take care of your most valuable assets, your people, so you can focus on generating revenue for your growing business.


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Managing human resources issues and tasks is time-consuming. Keeping up with all the rules and regulations is overwhelming. Don’t get distracted by the minutiae.

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Sara Skowronski Featured on SalesMaven Podcast!

Sara Skowronski, Founder and Principal Consultant at Eos Human Resources Consulting, recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Sales Maven Podcast, hosted by Nikki Rausch. In the episode, Sara shares her process for guiding clients through HR tasks and talks about how she moved her own team members into roles with more responsibility.

Listen to the full episode on the Sales Maven Podcast by clicking here.

Save time and money by outsourcing your human resources tasks

Benefit from expert advice

We know the ins and outs of HR from writing employee handbooks and onboarding new employees, to employee performance management.

Avoid costly mistakes

We keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations of HR so you don’t have to.

Watch your business thrive

We take care of your most valuable assets, your people, so you can focus on generating revenue for your growing business.


Help Your BusinessThrive and Grow

Eos Human Resources Consulting’s delivery of employer services is based on the timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results.

Help You Manage Your Remote Team

Eos Human Resources Consulting can assist you in creating a solid foundation for managing your distributed team.

Outsourced HR

Administrative responsibilities can tax any company, but for smaller businesses in particular, managing human resources can be a heavy burden.

HR Coaching and Consulting

Have a specific question or a situation you need guidance with? Our Efficient HR Coaching call is designed to offer you HR support and information on an hourly basis, so you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

HR Training Services

Keep up on the knowledge needed to effectively manage employees. Eos HR assists by offering training to our clients and their staff.

What Our Clients Say

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Sara is the most versatile Human Resources Director I have worked with. She is a competent, true leader and advocate for the staff while always keeping the company’s interest in the forefront. She has cutting-edge technology and systems intelligence, is gifted at human resources functions and excels at Benefits Administration, Compensation Analysis, Employee Relations, Executive Coaching, and Workforce Retention. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Sara as she makes the toughest of decisions doable and stress free. Sara is impressive in every regard!
Nicole Foster
Talent Acquisition Specialist
for Technology Professionals at DISYS
I'm incredibly grateful to work with the amazing Eos HR team!
Tatiana Marin
Operations Manager, Kruze Consulting
Sara and her team have made running HR in my small business very easy. I know I can count on them to help me get this part of my business done right.
Jeremiah Dees
Owner, Integrative Fitness, LLC

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