3 HR Musts for 2016

Forget the overwhelming top ten list, here are three important, and totally attainable, HR goals for the new year.

1. Have a (flexible) hiring plan. As you’ve probably already discovered, winging it doesn’t work. But a company can’t stretch it wings to fly if its’ growth plan is too rigid. You may have to make some unexpected changes, and an HR consultant can make sure they’re the smart ones to make.

2. Happy team = successful business. An HR professional can review your 2016 goals and give you the insight of employee perspective: how those goals will affect your team. Gone (and good riddance) are the days when company culture wasn’t high on the priority list. The productivity and success of a team are shown to be directly correlated to their happiness at work, and its important to be a part of this trend.

3. Know the law. Sounds dramatic, right? And it kind of is, however, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. While the policies can get complex when dealing with employee issues, the resources out there (cough) are vast. Take advantage! A company’s success is tied to how smoothly it navigates the waters of policy.

2016 is YOUR year! And Eos HR can help make it happen.