3 Signs Your Company Needs Restructuring (and how HR can help)

Does the workweek end in disarray, every week? Are you scrambling to keep up with day-to-day tasks, nevermind ever achieving the big picture goals? Is the weekend really just a daydream?

If you’re calling out YES to any of these scenarios, it’s time to consider a restructure. Sounds overwhelming but it’s really more an opportunity than a punishment! Still not convinced? Let’s break it down to the three most important determinations for revamping your organization.

Signs the current model isn’t working

1. High Turnover. Are you constantly on the hunt for new talent to replace staff you can’t retain? If company policies aren’t making sense to your employees, they’ll leave. So time to take a look at how those policies are designed. Remember, employees have to be able to execute your vision, and it will be equally frustrating to them if they can’t make it work.

2. Low moral. Are your employees overworked or underutilized? Company culture isn’t just Casual Fridays and surprise pizza deliveries. Currently it’s commonplace for employees to change companies every 2-5 years and they’re looking to gain desirable skills and achievements at each. If they can’t realize goals, they’ll look elsewhere.

3. Inefficiencies run rampant. Probably the biggest indicator of a systemic problem. If mistakes are commonplace and hindering productivity, then management has to locate the problem areas and fix them. And if the problems are many, it’s prime time for an organizational overhaul!

HR to the rescue!

The following are areas HR can step into and revamp to better fit your company’s aspirational goals and cultural ethos. The list can keep going, it’s important to know that HR is so much more than rules and regulations, it’s an excellent resource for developing new models. Get creative with HR!

  1. Department organization. What entails the responsibilities of each department, who heads them, and how they support one another.
  2. Recruiting procedures. Everything from writing the unbiased job description, managing job boards, and interviewing candidates.
  3. Onboarding process. A biggie! How employees join the team: from paperwork, training, and measuring the progress of the process. We have a whole blog on it!
  4. Compliance with laws. Making sure company policies and single events are handled with care and do not break any local or federal laws. This includes safety, harassment, leave policies, rest and meal breaks, etc. The list is extensive and it takes a deep knowledge of the law to ensure compliance (by the way, Eos HR can help with that!).
  5. Compensation transparency. Ensuring pay equity is especially important these days (deservedly). Major discrepancies recently revealed have resulted in employers implementing policies to safeguard against unfair pay scales.
  6. Benefits. Your HR departments will manage benefit packages, including open enrollment and any employee events or inquiries that occur during the year.
  7. Employee experience. HR plays a significant role in the safeguarding of employee rights, in managing their feedback and/or complaints, and in implementing new policies that support their ability to perform at work fairly and safely. Guess what? We wrote a blog on this, it’s that important.

After reading this blog, do you realize that your business model could use some reshaping? You don’t have to do it alone! The team at Eos HR can help. With a deep understanding of the complexities in managing a growing business and its’ staff, we’re proficient at helping employers succeed with processes that make the most sense for them. Ready to regain control of your objectives? Schedule a free consultation today!

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