A Strong Q4 Within Reach

Q4 is quickly approaching. Are you ready to end the year strong and prepare for the next one? If you’re hesitant to answer that question, you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel the overwhelm especially if this year did not pan out to be what you had hoped. But fret not. In this blog we outline tips that will have you feeling a lot more confident on addressing the issues of the year thus far AND ready to start thinking ahead.

3 solid tips to end the year and begin the next

  1. Identify the areas of growth that arose this past year. Were managers properly prepared for the year’s objectives, and if not, what training can be provided to better equip them going forward?
  2. How confident is the executive team in facing change?  Companies are most successful when leaders have the knowledge on how to execute changes efficiently. Every year, with no exception, a company will be presented with an unexcepted challenge that necessitates a rethink of the current processes. It’s important they know what resources to tap into to get this done.
  3. On this note, ensure that any plans for 2024 are made with a healthy dose of flexibility to them. Adaptability is a HUGE asset to a company. And not to get too wild here, but Plan B may need a back-up plan of its own, so dust off your critical thinking skills. And remember, to reference the previous tip, employees expect employers to be able to handle issues rationally so expect adaptability to play a factor in talent retention.

And since we’re on the subject of employees, lets end with a discussion as to why your staff is your number one tool to a prosperous 2024. Smart hires have never been more important, both in avoiding high turnover as well as cultivating a company culture that encourages effective problem-solving. In short: build strong relationships with current and prospective employees!

Some suggestions on how to do so? Start by reviewing pay equity. Fair pay fosters a strong company cultures AND attracts the best talent. Also, remember that employees are likely juggling intense obligations at home with being productive at work, so do consider the ways in which company protocols can better support work/life balance.

Hopefully these suggestions spur some creative planning for looking back on the year thus far and preparing for the next! And remember that Eos HR can help you identify those areas of growth and prepare for what’s next. We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses navigate the multitude of recent changes to labor laws. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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