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The Eos HR Story

Does keeping up with a million human resources issues and tasks seem like a full-time job these days?  With HR regulations changing daily, it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of it all, leaving you overwhelmed and taking precious time away from your day and your business.

At Eos Human Resources Consulting, we know what it feels like to manage a growing business while trying to stay on top of a laundry list of human resources tasks and to-dos.   What’s more, we believe you shouldn’t have to be an HR expert to run a successful, thriving business.

In fact, clients in over 30 industries have trusted us for nearly 20 years to be their strategic HR partner. Whether we’re helping you update your employee handbook, onboarding new employees or keeping your company compliant with the latest HR rules and regulations, putting our HR skills and expertise to work for you and your business will not only save you time and money, but it will also ensure your employees are happier and more productive.

Working with us is simple:

  1. Schedule a FREE consultation
  2. Receive a customized human resources plan
  3. Gain peace of mind

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to be a HR expert too. Let us help you take the headache out of human resources.

We would love to work with you. Schedule a consultation today to receive a customized human resources plan for your unique needs. In the meantime, download one of our guides on the HR Resources Page. So you can get back to the things – and the people – that matter most.

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Eos HR Guiding Principles


Trust – At Eos HR we seek to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner—one conversation, one action, one outcome at a time. On the flip side, we accept responsibility and quickly correct things when mistakes are made, because trust is built in the proper handling of both our successes and our failures. We invite you to join us in embracing this value, and help us build trust in every relationship.


Through collaboration, we multiply our contribution. Together, we are stronger and can contribute more. When we collaborate together, we produce creative outcomes. When we collaborate with our clients, we create amazing cultures and engaged employees.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and workflows, and to be able to share these ideas with our clients to make the processes of HR more streamlined so you can focus more on the people.

Effective Communication

Effective communication clarifies goals, defines expectations and helps us collaborate. To be able to meet our clients goals and expectations, we require open and effective communication from our team and yours.


Being open-minded allows us to look at information from a different view, which can be uncomfortable and feel vulnerable. But we also learn and grow when we try new things.

Who Is Eos

Eos was the Greek Goddess of the Dawn and held the hope of a new day. At Eos Human Resources Consulting, we are here to keep that hope alive. No matter what issues or problems came up yesterday, today is a new day, and we will help guide you through the labyrinth of being an employer. Whether you are ready to hire your first employee, need assistance with compliance issues such as I-9s or Affordable Care Act, or need to deal with employee performance, we can be your trusted advisor.