Accessibility and Your Workplace: A How-to


In 1990, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law and in the years since employers have been required to make adjustments to their workspaces and the way they do business in order to accommodate all working persons across a broad range of abilities. However, there is yet more work to be done as the law does fall short in some areas. This blog will tell you how to make modifications to your workspace and procedures in order to be as inclusive as possible to current and potential employees, and why it’s important.


Accommodations to make

  1. Ensure the application to apply is user friendly. This means including assistive tech such as braille or speech recognition options.
  2. Staff training. Make accessibility part of the company culture, it’s not about special treatment, its about acknowledging that the many ways in which we work is beneficial for all. Incorporate access as a company-wide goal.
  3. Make the necessary physical modifications. This may mean ramps, adjustable desks, and technology that supports hearing and/or vision-impaired employees.
  4. Flexible schedules and remote work. This has become commonplace in the past year and it’s an option to offer from here on out as it allows for workers of all abilities to be productive. Often rigid schedules or required commutes can alienate talent from applying to job postings, the last thing any relevant company wants to happen.

Being inclusive as a business with accessibility accommodations isn’t just a matter of fairness (although that is incredibly important), it carries weighty benefits for employers as well. By providing access to all, employers have a greater reach in attracting new talent, retaining current skilled employees, and an overall healthier company culture when compared to companies that only offer the accommodations required of them. In addition, accessibility accommodations translate to higher revenue, productivity within staff, and more consistent safety practices.

It’s important to note that accessibility is fluid, an employer is never ‘done’ reviewing necessary accommodations. And it takes an HR team dedicated to ensuring that employee’s needs are being met while also holding the company accountable to meeting legal standards. If you’re in need of a such a team, we invite you to reach out to us and learn how Eos HR can assist. We help small businesses make the necessary adjustments to their workspaces to ensure an inclusive and productive company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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