6 Strategies For Alleviating Employee Stress

In this blog we’re sharing six highly effective strategies for alleviating the pressure your employees may be feeling!

Stress-reducing tactics employers can easily utilize

  1. Flexible schedules and hybrid working arrangements. Oftentimes, just having some flexibility on work hours and location can make a HUGE difference in the ability for your employees to manage a work-life balance. It’s a relatively simple solution with the potential for a much-happier employee.
  2. Encourage the use of PTO. One of the most common complaints we hear from stressed-out workers is that they feel guilty for using their accrued time off. Employers want to avoid that at all costs! Encourage your team to exercise that benefit, and make sure to do the same yourself. Leading by example can be very powerful.
  3. Consider additional helpful benefits. Employers can incorporate resources such as mental health care and alternative health practices (eg acupuncture) into their benefits packages to encourage employees to make their mental and physical health a priority.
  4. Build a supportive and communicative company culture. You might discover that the most stressful thing for your employees is not knowing what’s coming, or not feeling as if management has a solid plan before embarking on new endeavors. Offer insight into the projects ahead, especially if they involve some restructuring.  
  5. Offer team-building and skills-training opportunities. Nobody wants to plateau in their work! But it’s unreasonable to expect your employees to build upon their skillset outside of business hours. Folding those opportunities into the day-to-day at the office is an excellent way to maintain a healthy retention rate.
  6. Ensure the office can accommodate multiple working styles. Some employees need a quiet space in order to concentration while others thrive with activity around them. Invite feedback from staff on what arrangements would work best for them and then try your best to make it happen.  

By developing a healthy work environment for the team, employers can avoid potential burnout in their employees. If that sounds like a worthwhile endeavor (and we bet it does!) then give these strategies a try!

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