Want A Great Team Culture? Appreciation is the key.

There’s no such thing as a strong company culture that doesn’t honor employees through acts of appreciation. Taking the time to mark progress, celebrate a positive outcome, or recognize personal growth is critical if employers hope to have a strong team in place. But it takes more than the occasional gift card to establish an environment of gratitude. Yet oftentimes employers are not sure how to go about it, so we’ve compiled a list of some effective options! However, we present them with this caveat: the most important demonstration of appreciation an employer can give is promoting a culture of collaboration, communication, trust and follow-through, AND flexibility. It’s when an employee feels they are valued and their contributions and well-being considered that they are most productive and happy.

Employee appreciation ideas

Some of these are traditional, some more innovative. All of them should be done consistently.
  1. Years of service celebration. Whether it’s one year or ten, employees should be acknowledged for their dedication to the company.
  2. Appreciation events. Regular outings or in-house celebrations are an easy way to build comradery and keep the gratitude train going. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, in this case it’s really the thought that counts. And make sure to participate in them yourself. It’s important for employees to see management make it a point to connect.
  3. Regular shout-outs. Involve marketing and highlight outstanding staff on social media pages. An easy and often very welcome move. Speaking of…implement:
  4. Employee of the Month. It’s been around forever, and for good reason.
  5. Regular pay bumps, paid time off, customized benefits. We don’t need to comment on how effective these things are!
  6. Employee development. Offering skill-building trainings is a benefit to both the employee’s and the company’s own growth.
  7. Consistent feedback. Offering feedback on a regular basis demonstrates to the employee that their efforts are not going unseen, and their own opinions count.
  8. Reward cultural contributions, not just work-related. If there’s an employee who brings a great vibe to the office, acknowledge it! Often the people who make positive change to the company culture are doing so by their individual qualities, which is invaluable.
Hopefully this list is helpful in developing an appreciation program for your employees. They should all help foster a positive company culture! If you’re interested in learning more (or getting going!) Eos HR can help. We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses implement smart solutions to stay relevant and create positive change in their industries. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more. #HR #weareEOSHR  #CompanyCulture #EmployeeAppreciation #EmployeeAppreciationProgram #SmallBusiness