Banishing This Not-So-Friendly Ghost

Ever heard of ghosting? If you have, I’m guessing it was from the cover of a tabloid and it was referring to the dating world. Right? The thing about ghosting is that it doesn’t just live in the world of romance. It’s kind of everywhere in our lives and the reason we may not know that is because it also lives by another, more commonplace name: avoidance.

Oh, dreaded avoidance. Whether you are doing the avoiding or being avoided yourself, there’s no arguing that it is a downright negative thing in all aspects of life. It’s void of usefulness and it does live in your business. Where?

Ever sent out an email to a colleague, and then several more, only to hear the sound of crickets? Heard complaints from staff that their questions go unanswered or their team projects never progress, time and again? Have you, uh oh, ever purposely neglected to respond to an inquiry that made you uncomfortable in some way?

An interested phenomenon to this age of communication is that some of us still neglect to communicate. Our skills at confidently articulating our thoughts in less-than-ideal situations has not improved. We still avoid. We ghost.

Suspect you’re being ghosted? Keep your cool and try an array of ways to reach out: emails, notes, voicemails. Maybe they have a heavy personal ordeal, inquire after their well-being (sincerely) and then gently remind them you need an answer to your inquiry. If you still don’t get anything, yes, you are being ghosted and it’s probably time to move on from the situation. A bummer, but then you get to practice your creativity skills on problem-solving. A positive out of a negative? Yes, please!

Are you ghosting? Time to get real with yourself and ask, why am I avoiding this person/situation? A good manager this does not make. If you need help navigating a situation, there’s exactly that help available! (Ahem, Eos HR) But allowing ghosting to exist in your business is giving the green light to poor communication, and we know that’s a quick way to the opposite of success. Carve out time to address your concerns, take notes on how you want to proceed, and then reach out. Only good can come of it.

Ghosting doesn’t belong anywhere in society but at the very least, let’s restrict it to tabloid fodder. And remember, when it comes to handling sticky situation or finding the answer to a complex issue, Eos HR is here for you! We can tackle all projects, large and small, giving you the tools to communicate and execute the solutions that make the most sense for your business. Reach out to us today!