Benefits for Employees AND the Environment


In recent years, especially as a result of the numerous climate change reports that have been released, employers have noticed a new trend: employees concerned with the environmental impact of their workplace have shown interest in earth-friendly perks included in their benefits package. And it just so happens to be a trend that helps employees, employers, and the planet. Win win win.

What is the driving force behind this interest? Employees are looking to work for companies that support both their financial security AND the issues that matter most to them. And that includes concerns about the environment. Do you try to lead a progressive team in an environmentally-conscious way? Here are some benefits ideas to offer them that they’ll likely appreciate.


Benefits that benefit the environment


  1. Make everything a contest. This is a really great starting point for employers not quite sure where to begin on developing environmentally-friendly benefits and/or packages. Take note of areas of growth around the office and address them by engaging staff in the challenge of addressing them. It can simple such as making double-sided printing a habit (or discouraging unnecessary printing) or hosting a pitching contest to decide as a group which non-profit the company donates to at year’s end.
  2. Wellness program. We all know that these are beneficial for the physical and health of an employee but what’s less emphasized is how these programs compliment a green initiative. Examples include flexible working (offering remote options) and bike-to-work rewards.
  3. Financial matters. Some employers give the option of donating to green charities automatically via their paycheck, and also pre-tax. Another great idea is inviting a financial advisor to discuss investment options that are environmentally-friendly. This offering in particular receives a lot of interest from employees.


Not only does offering environmentally-conscious perks and programs help the climate, it also gives employers a lot of clout. As we previously mentioned candidates are looking for companies that are ecologically-motivated and by maintaining this aspect of the company culture, employers retain ambitious and innovated talent. In summary, it’s time to start thinking about how your company and its’ team can help the environment!


The time of year to make adjustments to a benefit package is here, and Eos HR can help  collaborate with you to design relevant offerings that will be appealing to a talented team. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.


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