Benefits That Will Support A Great Team


Benefits have a whole new look now, the result of a changed workplace. Employers are taking note of what their employees need in order to thrive both at work and at home, all the while adjusting their own strategies and goals in order to meet those needs. In a previous blog, we went over the benefits employers are required to offer employees. Let’s identify a few benefits that employers should offer in order to maintain a positive work environment.


Popular benefit trends


  1. Mental health coverage. This trend has really gained momentum in recent years, and for good reason. The pandemic has affected us all, even if indirectly, and we’re all under the stress of having had to adjust to changes in how we work and live. Having options for your employees to attend to their mental health is vital to their work/life balance, and therefore their productivity. It’s also just the right thing to do. Make sure management is trained in guiding employees to the correct mental health assistance they need.
  2. Expanded care-giving coverage. Expanded coverage in programs focused on chronic illness care, such as diabetes, or family services like prenatal care, are getting a lot of traction lately. To compliment these services, there are app-based tools available so that employees can easily take control of their own healthcare.
  3. “Fun” benefits. They’re easy for employers to offer and they make a real difference in the workplace culture. Offering company-wide wellness retreats, unlimited vacation/flexible schedules, and an employee development program really sets the tone that the company is invested in the wellbeing of their employees. Remember, there’s a benefit for every budget, if some of these sound a little out of reach.


One last thing before we go


Unfortunately, employees often don’t dig deep enough into their healthcare and benefits plan to really know what services are available to them. During the open enrollment process, make sure employees are making the right choice for their health rather than defaulting to a previous plan. Utilize informative resources so that they can make the right decisions, and also make sure they know how to use a plan. Simply listing what is covered in a plan won’t be enough for a person to make an informed choice.


The time of year to make adjustments to a benefit package is here, and Eos HR can help  collaborate with you to offer comprehensive plans that will be the most beneficial to your team. We offer small businesses an HR team that will help them navigate the challenges of a remote workforce. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.


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