Is Your Recruiting Process Biased? Six key questions to ask yourself.


The concise answer is: yes. And with that knowledge, the work to address this dilemma can begin. It’s a common reaction to feel defensive when confronted with the information that your decision-making may stem from the unfair treatment of others, but it’s only after we examine the implicit biases we might be acting upon that we can start to build an equitable workplace (which should be the end goal of every business).

Last week we identified some of the different forms that biases may take, this week we’re presenting a series of questions employers and managers should ask themselves in regards to their recruiting process. Spend the next week or so reflecting on your answers, taking care to be truthful, and then in next week’s blog you’ll find some solutions to the recruiting missteps you may have discovered.


Is your recruiting biased?


  1. Am I looking for the same qualifications in every candidate I consider for all available positions, under the guise of trying to make a company culture match?
  2. Speaking of company culture, do I celebrate sameness of thought rather than diverse ideas? And how might that be affecting how I recruit?
  3. Do I ask the same questions of each candidate in order to ensure they all have the same chance in answering?
  4. Do my job descriptions use gendered language?
  5. Does the company application ask for information that might reveal race, income, political or religious markers?
  6. How often do I make hiring decisions based on whether or not I ‘like’ the applicant? And how do I make note of their likeability while interviewing them? For example, do I write down their likeable characteristics?


These six questions can offer a lot of insight into an employer’s hiring decision. In short, they work to reveal that oftentimes we fall into recruiting based on our implicit biases rather than the relevant skills needed for the position.

So whether or not your currently hiring, ask yourself these questions about your process and spend the next week reflecting on the answers. As previously stated, in our next blog we’re going to address the most common recruiting biases found today, and what employers can do to mitigate them.

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