Building Business for the Female Entrepreneur

One of the more common discussions regarding women in business is the lack of resources available to them for growing their companies. And this is true, compared to men, women do not have many avenues of support. But there are some key resources for growing their presence in the world of business and these can prove invaluable. Let’s discuss.

Tools for the female entrepreneur

  1. Women business centers. These organizations typically act as an umbrella for all things women-owned business: they host/sponsor events, act as a liaison for networking, and also connect business owners with services they need.
  2. Networking events. Considering that the business world has been very slow in supporting female entrepreneurship, networking events have played a key role in women making valuable connections with their peers. And since the pandemic there have been other ways to connect beyond the typical post-work cocktail hour. Virtual meetings and in-person luncheons are popular. In general a real effort has been made for networking to be available to as many people as possible, regardless of demanding schedules.
  3. Professional mom groups. Talk about demanding schedules! If you’re a parent and a business owner, you’re likely pulled in many different directions. And possibly feeling alone in all the hustle? Connecting with other women experiencing a similar day-to-day grind is an invaluable way to realize you’re not alone AND to share information about resources.
  4. Female entrepreneur associations. These associations act as a database of resources, much like business centers. They also tend to have a robust online presence, which is very helpful for the busy entrepreneur!
  5. Financial talks. A very popular topic in female entrepreneurship is securing funding for their business, something that has proven difficult. Thankfully this issue is being addressed more frequently, and often in the form of educational community events. Going to these not only mean learning valuable information, it also grants attendees the chance to meet people in the financial industry.
  6. Local commerce and government chapters. You may have noticed a trend in this list of resources, go local! You probably don’t need to be told but we’ll do it anyway: the best way to strengthen your presence in the small business industry is by making connections within your local community! Identify relevant organizations to participate in and support the government initiatives that will benefit your community. Becoming active (in whatever way you can) in your community is a great way to create a lasting, positive reputation.

If you have resources to add to this list, please share! After all, one of the more effective ways of supporting small business is in sharing valuable information. And speaking of support, next week we’ll be sharing the strategies female entrepreneurs use to grow their companies, and one key tactic? Supporting other female entrepreneurs.

At Eos HR we specialize in supporting the small business owner, including many female leaders. And if you’re looking for support in building an impactful business in your industry, Eos HR can help! We make sure small business employers have the resources to lead an influential and thriving company. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.