Combatting Boredom in Your Team

Has your team hit a plateau of productivity? Are they no longer engaged in the day-to-day functions of the business? It may be time to jump-start their enthusiasm! This week we’re going over three easy ways to go about this.


When employees are engaged, challenged, and experience professional growth, they are overall happier and more inclined to stick around. This doesn’t mean just adding additional duties to their workload and giving them a new title. Identify the useful skills they need to learn and set them up for success: sign them up for classes, invite trainers to the workplace, and make learning new skills a central theme to all-staff meetings.


Competition can be a good thing! We’ve talked about the benefits of team-building games (they’re essential) but a current trend that is sure to motivate your team is a health challenge. Set daily goals for your employees to meet (and encourage them to team up with one another) and keep track of their progress. The winning team? An afternoon off and tickets to an entertainment event!


Another winning way to keep the sparks flying? A mentorship and/or partnership program. Assign senior-level staff to entry-level employees for training or pair up employees with different skill-sets and have them collaborate on a project. Make sure to set clear goals and deadlines.

Maintaining enthusiasm within your team is key to retention and a healthy company culture. Two things that are also essential to the success of your business! If you need help improving your company structure to increase productivity, we can help! Eos HR can work with you on solutions that make the most sense for your business. Contact us today!