Creating a safe and inclusive workplace, Part 2.


Our two-part series on establishing a dynamic and protected workplace for employees continues with more of the important initiatives employers should take on behalf of their staff’s well-being. If you missed part one, visit the link here, it’s information you don’t want to miss!


Employer-led initiatives for an employee-focused culture, continued…


  1. Anonymous survey to reveal any hesitations in employee communication, feeling of safety, ability to teamwork. No better way of taking the pulse of your employee’s workplace experience than taking it to the source and requesting their feedback.
  2. Make collaboration a key component to the culture. Workplaces get cliquey, that happens. But when it gets excessive, it hurts teamwork. So make sure employees have frequent opportunities to collaborate (with new people) on projects.
  3. Know your laws: federal, state, local. You know this but failure to comply with the law does occur. Don’t allow for it. For example, have you recently taken a look at hiring practices to safeguard against preferential treatment? CA’s FEHA protects employees from this form of discrimination.
  4. Set the example. A healthy company culture cannot exist without the employer leading the way through their own language and actions, it simply can’t. The first step before all these others is reflecting upon your own practices and making the necessary corrections. Then your employees will know you’re the real deal!


We hope you feel ready for building a safe and inclusive company culture! We know the steps in this blog series will lead to positive change and have a lasting impact on the prosperity of your business. Looking for more hands-on assistance for all things inclusivity? Eos HR can help! We make sure small business employers have the resources they need to lead a productive and inclusive workplace. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.