Creating An Emotionally-Safe Workplace

When people think about workplace safety, it’s likely that the first thing (maybe the only thing) that comes to mind is the physical safety of employees. It’s understandable because physical safety is an important part of protecting the well-being of a team. But workplace safety doesn’t stop there. Employers should be just as invested in ensuring that employees are free from unnecessary psychological stress as well.

In this blog we’ll be sharing key steps on establishing a dynamic and protected workplace for employees. Let’s get started.

Steps for creating an employee-focused culture

  1. Take the culture’s pulse. No better way of taking the pulse of your employee’s workplace experience than taking it to the source and requesting their feedback. An anonymous team survey can reveal any hesitations in communicating, feelings of safety, or inability to teamwork.
  2. Design a DEI policy. You need one, a very good one. Any nondiscrimination/DEI policy needs to be completely inclusive if it is to be effective. You can (and should) have HR regularly review policies to ensure as much.
  3. Collaboration is key. Workplaces get cliquey, that happens. But when it gets excessive, it hurts teamwork. Make sure employees have frequent opportunities to collaborate on projects together.
  4. Know your laws: federal, state, local. We’re stating the obvious but failure to comply with the law does occur. Don’t allow for it. For example, have you recently taken a look at hiring practices to safeguard against preferential treatment? CA’s FEHA protects employees from this form of discrimination.
  5. Set the example. A healthy company culture cannot exist without the employer leading the way through their own actions. Reflect upon your own practices and make the necessary corrections. Then your employees will know you’re the real deal!
  6. And of course, train train train. Management should attend regular trainings on things like implicit biases and on how to adequately address issues that arise. It’s a big mistake to neglect ensuring that those in charge have the skills to objectively lead their teams.

Utilizing these steps could lead to significant positive change in your team’s confidence and productivity, and have a lasting impact on the prosperity of the company. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?! Give them a try.

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