Dismantling Gender Bias in the Workplace

The focus is generally on how women can support and protect themselves in the workplace while there should be equal focus on the strategies employers should take in ensuring that their employees are being treated fairly AND having the same access to opportunity as everyone else. By doing so, employers engage in the dismantling of gender biases in business, something that is both a just cause and contributes to staying relevant in the modern world.

In this blog we’re sharing five ways employers can make a positive impact for their female employees and subsequently the working world.

Dismantling gender bias in the workplace

  1. Identify the problem(s). This means looking at hiring, firing, promoting, etc. practices for trends and if those trends reveal any biases. This information is essential before any plan of action can be made.
  2. Adopt diversity strategies for recruiting. One example would be auditing job descriptions to ensure they do not contain gendered language. Another is implementing company policies that could attract a wider range of candidates, such as flexible working schedules and community volunteering.
  3. Outsource gender diversity training. And remember, training should be required on an ongoing basis, not just a one-time thing.
  4. Provide access to resources. Examples include skills training and a mentorship program. Investing in your employee’s careers has proven to be beneficial for both worker and employer.
  5. Equal pay practices. Put simply, unless women and men are paid equally at a company, the movement to dismantle other gender biases can’t even get started.

Companies that weave these practices into the fabric of their culture are most successful at maintaining equal treatment amongst their team. It’s important that programs and policies be evaluated regularly for effectiveness and changed when needed.

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