How employee engagement differs from the employee experience


It’s likely you’re very familiar ‘employee engagement’ and we’re willing to bet that when you come across the phrase ‘employee experience’ you think it means the same. But, although related to one another, they actually differ and both are important to understand in order to achieve a healthy workplace environment for your team.


Characteristics of the employee experience


The employee experience is the culmination of individual events that make up the employee’s day-to-day. It’s the processes and behaviors of the company and its’ culture. For example, the following events would be considered part of the employee’s experience: onboarding, team-building events, company response to employee needs.

However, most importantly it is how the employee feels in response that really matters here. Do they feel a sense of belonging? Are they interested in opportunities for growth? Do they think there is a purpose to their work and the company’s objectives?


Characteristics of employee engagement


Employee engagement is both the outreach activities coming from the company, and the response to them from the employee. While individual factors such as diversity initiatives and employee development plans are examples, again it is the predominant connection that employees feel to the company that is most important here.

For example, do they feel respected by their employers and trusting of management? Would they consider their work environment to be a positive one? Do they want to collaborate and feel their ideas will be given consideration? Namely, we’re looking at how employees interact with the company.


We mentioned earlier that employee experience and employee engagement are related, and hopefully our examples of both demonstrate just that because in order to cultivate a thriving environment for employees, it requires the two. In our next blog we’ll be discussing how HR can play an effective role in experience and engagement, so if you’re feeling a little apprehensive on how to make some adjustments, you’ll want to start by reading that one!

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