Free-ish Benefits! Yes!

Last time we talked about the essential benefits to offer employees in order to foster a healthy work environment, one that keeps your business competitive by retaining top talent. Now let’s talk about the additional benefits that will really get your staff excited! Our next blog will cover some options if you happen to have some spare cash, but this week let’s highlight some fantastic ideas that cost little to NOTHING.

These ideas are winners in creating a community spirit among your team and ensuring they understand your commitment to their well-being, which is very much a trend these days (and let’s hope it becomes the norm). Here we go!

1. Open vacation policy: Otherwise known as unlimited vacation. Don’t balk. Allowing your employees the freedom to take time off at will (with advance notice, of course) encourages them to work diligently to get their tasks finished in a timely manner, and then relax! It builds confidence over their own roles while demonstrating your focus over their health. A stress-free staff is a healthy bottom line!

2. Group exercise! Wellness competitions, afternoon yoga sessions in the lobby, brisk random walks around the building to clear the mind. The possibilities to get your staff moving, together, are endless. Assign a weekly wellness leader, bring in a health coach for a lunchtime Q&A, how about monthly chair massages? It doesn’t have to cost much, or anything, to inspire your team to keep their health front and center. And that ALWAYS means productivity is increased.

3. Get out there and help! Volunteering is one of THE best ways to inspire your team: both to work together and to support their community. Whether it be an industry event or something completely unrelated to what your company does, leaving the office behind to focus on philanthropy creates real meaning for your team, an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Give back! Make it a monthly tradition!

4. Learn together! If you can afford it, send them to classes. Your return will far outweigh the money spent, both in the skills your team will bring back to the workplace and their commitment to the company overall. Other learning options: lunch and learn with YouTube videos, inviting a coach to a morning meeting, mentor staff yourself! Keep them engaged and reap the awards.

Other ideas? There are plenty: casual dress EVERYDAY, a “relaxation station” free from work distractions in the office, flexible work hours and/or offering a remote option, a learning library (online too!) of resources for your staff to use. There are truly some great and cheap options out there!

Get creative! And use your staff as a resource for ideas. A survey can easily help you determine what’s important to your team and allow you to customize what you offer and, most importantly, avoid using your own time to offer a benefit that will go unused. Enjoy retaining your top talent!