Going Beyond The Basics

You’ve probably heard that in an effort to narrow the gender wage gap employers can no longer inquire about previous salaries while recruiting new employees. In addition, they must provide a salary range for the position if the applicant asks. This new rule begins January 1, 2018, so take note!

We thought that now would be a good time to go over some excellent questions you SHOULD be asking your potential employees. It doesn’t need to be stated (but we will!) that the interview process is the most important part of your search for the best match. Getting as much relevant information as possible before making a decision to bring on a new team member is crucial!

So, what should you ask? Here are a few favorites:

1. What is your teamwork (or management) style? Whether they’ll be working independently or closely with other employees (even leading them), how they approach their functions and coworkers is crucial. A follow-up to this question: How do you meet challenges that arise? This question (along with requesting examples) can be a big indicator into whether or not they’ll work within your company’s culture.

2. If they’re currently working: Why are you looking for a new job? Follow-up this question with: What do you hope to be different in your new position (or at your new workplace)? You can learn about both their personality and productivity by examining why they’re looking to make a change, and be able to understand whether or not the position will align with their needs.

3. How does your experience relate to this position? They should know the position they’re applying for and be able to give you examples of how their skills will support the required tasks.

4. And lastly: What questions of you have for me? Another good indication of a candidate’s interest and qualifications is if they can ask their own follow-up questions about the position and your company. Be prepared to tell them how you’ll measure their success and what the company offers in terms of benefits and team culture. If you like them, you’ll want them to want to work for you!

These questions will really improve identifying the right candidate for your team! We’ll state the obvious (again!) by pointing out that a productive and cohesive team is essential for a company’s successful growth.

Need help understanding the law regarding interviewing or assistance with onboarding? Eos HR can make the process much less painful and develop a procedure that makes the most sense for your business! Reach out to us for more information!