Building A Strong Team: Hiring the right way

Hiring a new employee is inherently stressful, especially for small business owners. Since oftentimes they are operating on limited resources, hiring the right person the first time around is particularly crucial. Therefore knowing the best resources for attracting talent (and streamlining the required steps) can seriously help make the process go smoothly, allowing employers to focus on celebrating the growth of their team!

Attracting talent that fits

  1. Know where to look. Oftentimes employers think the giant job boards will attract the best talent but we’re looking for quality over quantity here. So consider advertising the position within your industry where your job description will circulate among interested parties. Why filter through a hundred resumes of ill-fitting candidates when you can get five highly qualified ones? On this note…
  2. Write a stellar job description. Your job description is pretty much the single most important tool you have in finding the right candidate. Make sure it clearly states your company’s identity (what makes it different than competitors), thoroughly describes the role (avoid ambiguous language), and includes the pay range. No ‘competitive pay’ here! Seriously, candidates need to know if the job will support their lifestyle before they go through the application process. This is especially true for passive candidates.
  3. Make applying easy. You’ll lose candidates if the application is lengthy and repetitive. And please make sure that creating an account is NOT part of the requirement. But do identify the ‘must-have’ skills for the position to filter out the unqualified.

The hiring process

  1. Maintain a universal hiring procedure. While the positions may be unique from one another, make sure the hiring process for each one is not. A universal process will streamline the experience for both manager and candidates and it sends a positive message that the company has a firm grasp of the responsibilities involved and decreases the chance of a misstep.
  2. Do invite team members to participate. Here is where employers can be a little flexible with the process. Invite a member of your current staff to the interview and ask them to provide feedback. It can help ensure a good fit.
  3. Don’t leave a candidate hanging. While it sounds a chore, acknowledging each candidate in some way, a thank you for applying or a polite rejection, is a useful tool for maintaining your company’s reputation (and it’s polite). It also could lead the candidate to apply for a position in the future, which is a positive thing. They may not be the right fit now but with a stronger skill-set, they could be someday.

There’s one more tip we have for you and it’s a good one: always be in building-your-team mode. Whether that’s employee training, or looking to the future and anticipating hiring needs, it’s a terrific way to avoid being in a desperate position searching for your next employee.

The team at Eos HR can help! We make sure small businesses’ maintain the smart hiring practices that will support their goals. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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