Going Beyond The Basics: Benefits to offer for a healthy and happy team.

Last blog we discussed the benefits you could incorporate into your business that cost you nothing. Pretty great, huh? This week we cover the most popular benefits that DO cost money, but your ROI? It could be the difference between retaining amazing talent and growing your business or funneling a lot more money into hiring new staff and having a hard time fueling growth. Great benefits, anyone?

More than half of today’s job seekers are considering benefit packages as seriously, or more so, than pay ranges. The following are some they like to see, and that you should consider offering your employees.

1. Extended (and flexible) Maternity/Paternity Leave. Beefier versions of the existing parental leave norm is getting a lot praise from job seekers. Bigger companies are offering up to one year of leave, but even smaller companies can take part in one of the most popular trends in leave: flexible days off. Doctor appointments don’t just happen in the first six weeks, it’s important to offer employees flexible PTO to take care of their child’s needs when they are very young. Which also leads us to employees taking care of their own needs.

2. Employee-choice “holidays.” Offering days on top of the PTO plan that employees can take at their own discretion is a pretty great way to keep productivity up high. Consider it personal wellness time that benefits your bottom line.

3. Paid volunteering days! More PTO, yes but talk about a great way to get out in your community and do good! Some companies not only encourage employees to volunteer, they pay them to do it! You could organize company-wide volunteering or offer individual employees the chance to pick how they want to give back. Either way, it’s a motivating and inspiring day away from the workplace.

4. Gym memberships/wellness expenses. A company’s commitment to employee health is high on the job seeker’s list. The work-life balance is gaining traction and they want to know their hard work and considerable skills will be met with both financial and emotional support. Gym memberships (and generally encouraging physical activity) are one way to do it, but also consider wellness afternoons (say regular chair massages or yoga excursions). Don’t forget emotional health! Offer benefits that include counseling and acupuncture and other holistic treatments to de-stress. They are perks that support an employee’s stability and they’re worth it.

Next time we continue with more popular benefits to consider offering your employees, including a few that may surprise you!

Wondering which benefits will attractive top talent and how to efficiently incorporate them into your business plan? We can help! Learn how to successfully implement benefit packages by reaching out to us today. Together we can strengthen your ability to attract and retain top talent.