How Employers Can Be An Ally, Part 2.


In case you missed it, last week we began our two part series on how employers can serve as an ally to their employees. We took a broad approach for making positive changes to the cultural structure of the company, this week we get a little more detailed. Together, these methods can shape a more inclusive workspace, something all employers should be making a priority.


Taking action further


  1. Focus on company culture, and be proactive in reaching out. Once an employer has a clear idea of how practices are affecting their employees, they need to take the initiative in gathering insight into the mindset of staff. How to do this? Ask for it! The workplace environment should be one where employees feel safe in sharing experiences, and to get there employers need to be receptive and responsive to what they hear.
  2. Have support systems in place. Examples of these would be professional development opportunities (such as ongoing trainings), benefits that include resources for mental health care, and a flexible work environment that is conducive to the many different ways employees work best.
  3. Get involved in the community. Last week we urged employers to stand by their company statements on social and political issues and one way to do so is by giving their time and money to relevant organizations. It’s incredibly significant for employees to see business owners supporting the values they claim to stand behind.
  4. Collect feedback, and address concerns. To build on what we mentioned earlier, once an employer starts to receive feedback, it’s important to address issues in a timely manner. Even if employers don’t have the answer, acknowledgement and intention to follow-through goes a very long way.


This series should serve as a basic roadmap for serving as an ally to employees. Employers will undoubtedly find that their workplace is a dynamic place requiring unique solutions to challenges. Eos HR can help with that. If you’re ready to learn more on how an HR team can drive positive change in your company’s culture, give us call. We make sure small business teams are successful in maintaining the practices that support an inclusive company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.