How To Get The Productive Employees Your Company Needs

Is there a noticeable slump in your employee’s shoulders? Are you staring at blank faces and sleepy eyes during meetings? Do deadlines pass without much effort to meet them?

If you’re silently screaming YES, let’s talk about employee motivation. It’s easier than you might think. Here’s some tips to get you started.

1 Collaborate with your employees. You’ll probably notice a big difference in the energy of your business once you begin involving their feedback into your decisions. Making a point to talk to your employees is great way to make them feel like a part of the bigger picture.

2 Create a fun atmosphere. Take an anonymous (or not) survey asking your employees what changes they would like to see in their environment (within reason). If they’re happy in their workspace, you’ll notice it in their focus towards tasks.

3 Promote the to-do list. People who write down their to-do lists consistently are generally better equipped to flow from one project to the next, as well as prioritize them, more successfully.

4 The healthy mind-body connection. Do it. Offer a gym membership program, go on company hikes through local parks, start a company sports team. Not only is this building upon the fun company culture, it’s also encouraging your employees to be healthy in general, a no-brainer for feeling more energized. And therefore productive.

You often don’t need giant policy overhauls to motivate your employees to perform more efficiently. These tips give you the added benefit in being able to locate the source(s) of the problem. Are they bored? Do they dislike the work? By trying these suggestions on for size, you’ll be able to better assess the issue and address it, and become the boss of a productive team!