HR Can Grow Your Brand (Yes, really)

Ever thought of utilizing HR in developing your marketing content? If not, it’s time.

It may sound like a new concept (and it kind of is) but the trend has been picking up exponentially in recent years. And for good reason. Employers should be folding HR into their marketing mix when reaching out to prospects, whether that be in-house talent or new clients. Why? A company’s outreach is only as good as its’ success in engaging with an audience, and that’s done by creating content that is industry-relevant and useful to the consumer. As a resource for this essential content, HR is indispensable.

Okay, so how does one go about marrying marketing and HR? Creating a line of communication between the two departments is easier than you think! It’s simply a matter of making it a point to outline the goals of each, and by doing so, commonalities will be identified. And from there, your content is born.

The bond between Marketing and HR

  1. Identifying useful content. Effective marketing is providing information that is of value to your audience. It’s no secret that traditional advertising is out of fashion, so it’s important to keep up on the latest “information trends” your target audience needs, and HR can help with that by pinpointing areas of industry importance.
  2. Design marketing campaigns that offer solutions and support both department’s goals. A good tip? Engage the entire team. An incredibly effective way to craft an authentic message is by incorporating as many industry voices in your message as possible. And HR should take the lead in communications. On that note:
  3. Reach out to the community. Guest bloggers and testimonials relaying industry experience can be an indispensable resource for growing an audience and remaining an authoritative voice. And HR is an excellent resource in identifying unique sources!

Utilizing HR for more than traditional functions can be a very smart way to grow your business. Also, by aligning department goals, you’re also effectively creating inter-departmental communication that can only serve to benefit the culture and productivity of your team. Another win!

Need help getting started? Eos HR is the team for you! We offer tailored plans that ensure small business owners have the resources they need to utilize HR in effective and creative ways to grow their business. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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