How HR Can Help Alleviate Employee Stress

Throughout the month of April, in recognition of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve been discussing the causes of stress for employees, how employers can prevent unnecessary stress for their staff, and also what to do when it occurs. If you’ve missed any of these blogs, go check them out!

This week we’re covering how HR can partner with employers to manage the stress load within the company. It’s important to keep in mind that HR can be so much more than a resource for rule-following, it is also an excellent tool in managing the health of the company’s culture!

HR as a partner for stress management

1. Implement stress management training for all staff. It’s really important to invite a professional into the workplace to set the course for a successful implementation of any initiatives for your employees. HR can then take the tools learned and put them to use!

2. Make sure employees have access to and are utilizing their breaks. There’s a reason breaks are regulated and HR responsible for ensuring compliance is met. But even if this were not the case, promoting the importance of taking breaks is a critical component to a positive company culture. Employers want to celebrate leaving the office for lunch, not working through it to meet a deadline.

3. Establish flexible hours and offer hybrid work and generous PTO. HR is an excellent resource for taking the pulse on the kinds of benefits your employees actually want, and then brainstorming how to offer them in a way that is feasible for the company’s budget.  

4. Build a mentorship program within the company. It’s important to your employees that they have access to opportunities for growth. HR can take the lead in developing an in-house mentorship program that will encourage employees to stay motivated in their work.

5. Regularly request employee feedback about existing programs/policies and ask for their ideas. HR should manage this effort and present the report on a regular basis, as well as develop the appropriate response and manage implementation.

Bonus tip: HR can also take the lead in identifying opportunities for fun! Team-building is an excellent took for boosting the positive vibes within a team and HR knows what activities are appropriate AND a good time. Want to make sure there are systems in place that will help alleviate the potential of unnecessary stress in your team? Eos HR can help. We offer tailored plans that ensure small business owners have the resources they need to lead a productive and happy team. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.