Identifying Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety has been a popular subject lately, namely due to the pandemic. Along with employees reporting an increase in anxious feelings has been the recent progress in discussing mental health in the company culture as well as offering benefits that cater to employee’s work-life balance. 

But before offering solutions, employers need to take the pulse of their employee’s mental health. This week we’re sharing the common signs of workplace anxiety. These behaviors can signal to employers that something is amiss.

Signs of workplace anxiety

  1. Sudden change in behavior. Unexplained changes in behavior can signal that the employee may be undergoing stress, the cause of which might be unknown to colleagues.
  2. Low work productivity. If the employee has previously managed their workload without difficulty but suddenly struggles to complete tasks, there is likely something at play.
  3. Reluctance to speak to executives/management or in public. This is a pretty common source of anxiety for many employees and always worthwhile addressing. Training in public speaking, or adopting other forms of communication to management (eg anonymous surveys) can help to solve this.
  4. Low employee morale. A toxic work culture will always translate to an increase in anxious feelings and behaviors in employees. 
  5. Increase in lateness and absences. If an employee becomes less reliable to show up on time, or at all, look into it. Absenteeism is a very common warning sign of workplace anxiety.

Next week we’ll be exploring how to address anxiety amongst employees, including tips on maintaining a healthy company culture. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about cultivating a positive and productive workplace, Eos HR can help! We make sure small business teams are successful in maintaining the practices that support a productive company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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