Integrating Health and Safety Into The Company Culture


There’s almost nothing more unfortunate in the workplace than an injury that could have been avoided. A safe environment and an educated team is beneficial for both the employer’s pocketbook and the employee’s well-being, two factors that significantly affect the longevity of a company. Most small and large businesses have some sort of safety program, in fact, most states require them to do so. But in order to be the most effective, health and safety needs to be more than just a few training sessions, it needs a permanent lifeline in the company culture. Here’s some steps on making that happen.

Make well-being a significant focus in the everyday

  1. Begin at the beginning. The onboarding process is where employers introduce A LOT of material to their new employees, and safety is included. But take a look at how it’s done. Is safety relegated to the obligatory information or has care been taken to present a workplace that values the well-being of an employee? You want to do the latter if you want the end result to be a team that feels their employer has their best interests in mind.
  2. Keep up with the communication. Maintaining a system of trust with employees is essential in a successful Safety Management Program. This means offering regular training and providing a safe work environment, yes, but also emphasizing an open dialogue within the workplace so that employees feel secure in providing feedback and filing complaints, which is their right to do.
  3. Make it your mission to follow-through. If adjustments to the worksite are promised or complaints need to be investigated, do so with urgency and thoroughness. Be diligent with documentation and make it a point to address incidents in a timely manner. If employees know management respects their right to work safely, it can go a long way in building a successful company culture while enjoying a lower incident rate.


Safety isn’t simply training, it’s really a cultural philosophy that requires frequent attention to be effective. Make it more than a page in the employee handbook, let it play a significant role in the culture of your company. Not sure where to start? An experienced HR team like Eos HR can help. We make sure small business teams are successful in maintaining the practices that support a safe and productive company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.