6 Things to Consider When Investing in a Tech Tool

There’s no end to the options of tech tools that a company can utilize for their HR tasks which often results in not knowing where to begin to look or simply arbitrarily signing up for the first product that crosses your path. So rather than giving you a list of all the available software out there, we’re sharing the six things to consider before making a choice.

Making smart teach choices

  1. Software should work with your existing company culture. We’ve listed this tip at the top because so often employers try molding their current processes around a new system when the better avenue is to find a product that can be implemented into existing procedures seamlessly.
  2. Look for mobile tech options that are built for mobile. This would be software that doesn’t just host documents on a mobile site but rather supports being able to interact with them, such as completing and signing an I-9 form.
  3. Job boards that do the work for you. Job boards are aplenty out there, find one that is easy to post to, sends out your jobs to multiple boards, posts to your social pages, and integrates into your applicant tracking system.
  4. A one-stop (or nearly) shop. One mistake employers can make is trying to utilize too many tech options. It’s tempting because there are so many out there but it’s certainly worth the extra time to find the few, not the many, that will get the bulk of the work done. You’re trying to streamline your processes: hiring, onboarding, analytics, leaving your HR department with their most important task: taking care of your employees.
  5. ONLY use user-friendly tech. It’s an automatic fail if the product is difficult to use. It’ll gather dust or worse, convolute processes. Make sure your staff is properly trained to use all software and request their feedback on its’ efficiency.
  6. Keep up with what’s out there (but don’t obsess). Find a few blogs and podcasts you can rely on to give objective reviews on new products. Again, make it a few, because we know when the pile of reading (or listening) material gets tall, we ignore it!

The best tool to consider, if we do say so ourselves, is outsourcing your HR department! With an experienced team like Eos HR to streamline tasks, you’ll have the time and resources to focus on growing your business. We make sure small business teams are using the tools that make the most sense for them, leading to more a more productive (and stress-free) company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.