Last-minute Open Enrollment Tips


Open enrollment is now quite literally around the corner and hopefully your plans for meetings, processes, etc. are fairly concrete. BUT we’d like to share a few items to consider tossing into the mix (they’re easy!) to make the proceedings more engaging and effective.


Better meeting, better outcome


  1. Have that Q&A ready before the first meeting. Starting off our list with a reminder that you’ll want to come prepared to answer the team’s FAQ from the outset, so if you haven’t gathered them up, do it now. Fielding questions in the beginning will save from last-minute confusion. It’s likely one of the most important preparations you can make. Make sure to post the FAQ on your company blog so employees have a place to turn to for answers before they call HR.
  2. Invite them to follow on social. Use your company accounts throughout the enrollment period to remind employees of deadlines and to share educational resources and the important forms they to need to complete.
  3. Check-in meeting for follow-up questions. You know we would never suggest an unnecessary meeting so believe us when we say that it’s smart to consider a quick live Q&A session before the deadline arrives. Again, a headache saver.
  4. Record meetings! Whether you post them on your social accounts, or simply email them upon request, recording meetings is such as smart tactic for keeping everyone moving along the process together.
  5. Can you offer a prize? Offer a prize! Everyone loves a contest, and believe it or not, the open enrollment process is ripe with contest opportunities. There’s a reason team-building exercises often include prizes, people love to compete for them. And competitions can really spice up a typically lackluster event. Get creative but keep it simple which can ensure follow-through. Have fun!


Did you see our most recent blog posts on open enrollment? If you still need help, check them out here for all the information you need to make the process a success! And remember, Eos HR can answer any questions you may have. We offer small businesses an HR team that will help them navigate the challenges of the industry. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.


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