Legislative Changes to Expect in 2022, cont.


The New Year is here! We continue this week to outline the legislative changes to begin as the clock strikes midnight New Years Eve. But before we do so, we’d like to extend our best wishes for a very healthy and prosperous 2022 to all of you. And now, to get to business…


Ringing in 2022 Legislation


  1. Covid-19 notification, AB 654. The requirement of naming employers with Covid-19 outbreaks was deleted from the AB 685 bill.
  2. Workplace safety and domestic services, SB 321. Requires Cal-OSHA to discuss possibly protections for private household employees. Keep an eye out for the decision!
  3. Minimum wage for disabled workers, SB 639. The ‘subminimum wage certificate program’ will begin to be phased out and gone entirely by 2025.
  4. Electronic documentation, SB 657. This allows employers to email the employment information they are required to physically display to employees, however, employers are still required to keep the documents visible to on-site staff.
  5. Arbitration requirement, SB 762. The bill requires arbitrators to provide invoices in a timely manner with clear due dates and payment amounts.


The legislation did not end here, we saw additional regulations regarding warehouse distribution centers (AB 701) and union PAGA exemption (SB 646), but we do feel these are some of the more important measures to note, broadly speaking. Are there different bills that your company will be making adjustments for in order to stay compliant?

The trends in legislature are as diverse as the people who work hard every day to keep the economy evolving, and employers are increasingly called upon to ensure that their teams are fairly treated. If you’re looking for an HR department that can meet the demands of the modern workplace, EOS is your answer! We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses succeed in this exciting, yet challenging economic landscape.  Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.