The Key To Strong Managers? Preparation.

If you’re a business owner, you’re likely already aware that a good manager is an indispensable asset to any team. However, if there is one mistake that business owners make it is in thinking that they can simply hire an individual with lots of great managerial experience, drop them into their new role, and let them go. While a good manager will have the know-how to learn while doing, that’s no excuse not to provide them with the support they need to really succeed.

The support good managers need to lead

We’ve compiled a list of the supportive measures employers should take in making sure managers are prepared to lead.

  1. Make sure managers have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. If there are goals they need to achieve, ensure they possess the tools to do so.
  2. Your managers should be advocates of the company’s culture, not simply the warden of productivity. Gone are the days when your boss was a distant fixture whose occasional presence was something to dread. Managers should be working alongside employees both in meeting goals and in championing a positive, collaborative culture.
  3. The ability to resolve conflicts, including knowing when to involve HR, should be an ongoing focus. Your managers are key players in your employee’s sense of well-being at the workplace, and leaders who know how to identify the appropriate solution to internal conflicts are an extremely pertinent component in this.
  4. Managers should delegate, and celebrate. Don’t let your managers carry the burden of all the decision-making and tasks in any given project. Having them delegate to their teams will not only relieve them from burnout, it will also instill confidence and collaboration in the workplace. Also, managers who take time to recognize the achievements and hard work of employees will do wonders for supporting the company’s culture. Win-win!
  5. Lastly, training your managers is never finished. We mention this a lot when it comes to supportive measures for staff. In order to encourage growth in a team, exposure to new ideas and tactics is essential. Develop a managerial mentorship program, start a manager forum or discussion panel, bring in experts and sign them up for classes. A manager with fresh ideas and reinforced skills is a powerful tool in boosting productivity and maintaining a happy workplace.

It’s important to note that training is a fluid thing; our inboxes are full with invitations to new managerial training programs for a reason! The working world is forever evolving and being able to identify where adjustments are needed is crucial to stay competitive.

Here is where an experienced HR team like Eos HR can help. We make sure a small business’ leadership team is successful in implementing new policies and maintaining the practices that make for an inclusive and productive company culture. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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