Mid-Year Minimum Wage Changes…Are you Ready?

As we get close to mid-year, there are several states that are implementing new minimum wages. Is your company ready for this change? If you are an employer in California, Delaware, District of Columbia or Minnesota and you are currently paying your employees minimum wage, make sure you have updated wages and notices appropriately.

If you have an “all-in-one” poster for 2014 for you state, hopefully it includes the mid-year change. But if not, you can download the free notices from the state agencies by clicking on the links below. Make sure these notices are posted in a conspicuous place, like the employee breakroom or by the timeclock.

California, effective July 1, 2014
Delaware, effective June 1, 2014
D.C., effective July 1, 2014
Minnesota, effective August 1, 2014

Any wage changes should be effective for work performed on and after the effective date listed above.

For more information on minimum wage requirements, the following sites are trusted resources on the subject:
1. The National Conference of State Legislature lists the most current and upcoming state minimum wages
2. SHRM stays on top of Employee Legal Issues, including wage and hour issues

And of course, should you have questions, please feel to reach out to Eos HR!