Ringing in the New Year with New Laws!

The New Employment Laws for 2019

Recent movements regarding workplace safety and equality has 2019 bringing in some important new employment laws in California. Let’s take a look.

Sexual Harassment Training

Prior to this year, only employers with 50 or more employees were required to provide sexual harassment training, and then, only required to provide it to supervisors. This year, a business owner with five or more employees must hold sexual harassment training for all their employees by Jan. 1 of 2020. At which point sexual harassment training must be given every two years.

In addition to this new requirement, confidentiality provisions in sexual harassment settlements are mostly prohibited. Employers are urged to review the policy and make sure any agreements offered comply with the new rule. Not sure where to turn with assistance on this? Eos HR can help!

Lactation Provisions

Employers must provide a lactation space for their employees (and no, a restroom does not count!)

Board Members

Lastly, (for this blog) changes to board membership requirements of publicly traded companies were made. These corporations must have at minimum one female on their board by the end of the year (and those boards with five members must have two, and those with six members must have three, both of which by the end of 2021).


Need clarification on any of the new laws? Not sure how to make adjustments to existing procedural manuals? Call Eos HR with your questions and concerns! We’re here to make sure you thoroughly understand the expectations facing your company and ensure that you remain in compliance so you can focus on running your business successfully. Contact us today!