New Year, New Procedures: The Details! Part Two.

We’re continuing to cover the new policies and laws employers will be expected to comply with in the new year. The holidays may mean that your time is limited, so this week’s information is a little shorter. Be sure to check out the first blog in this series, and as always, reach out to Eos HR with any questions you may have!

I-9 Verification

While current remote procedures expire at the end of the month, they could likely be extended so employers will want to make sure to keep an eye on this one, and remember that in-person verification is expected once restrictions ease.

SB 1383 CFRA Exapnds

The CFRA now requires employers of 5 or more to offer up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for employees with serious medical conditions or who need to provide caregiving. Also, it no longer grants a hardship exemption for employers.

AB 1867

Continuing with the subject of leave, AB 1867 determines that if an employee must leave their home in order to perform their duties (therefore WFH employee are not eligible), than they are entitled to 80 hours of paid leave. This is required of employers with 500 or more employees and was created in response to the pandemic.

OSHA Covid Guidelines

We hope you won’t need to manage a Covid exposure but it’s essential that employers and their managers know what to do in the event of one. OSHA Section 3205 outlines the steps to follow in reporting and handling an exposure to their employees including testing, training, and returning to work procedures.

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