Not-So-Scary Tips For A Great Halloween Party!

Hosting an office Halloween party? You may have noticed that it can sometimes cause quite the headache, navigating what costumes and decorations are appropriate for the workplace. But doing so isn’t as spooky as it seems, making smart decisions take a little thought at most and typically relies on common sense. You got this!

Some tips:

1. Get people involved. A great idea is a party committee but before you conjure up images of The Office, make sure opinions are encouraged to be shared as well as given respectful consideration. Employees really respond to being given a voice, it could make all the difference in the success of your party.

2. Remember, some staff members may not wish to participate in the party and it is their right to not do so. No pressure or consequences should be tolerated. The event should be celebrated in the most secular way possible to both encourage participation and avoid offending staff, but even so, if they wish to pass on the event, the choice should be met with complete acceptance.

3. Costumes and decorations must confirm to policies, such as office dress codes. Also, it is advisable to stay away from political figures, making political claims with costumes, or wearing costumes that are too scary.

4. Consider the environment. Does your business cater to families? Keep the costumes and decorations family-friendly then. The objective is to have fun, not shock anyone.

5. As always, make sure everyone who participates helps to clean up the party! Nothing puts a damper on the fun (and discourages future events) then leaving it all to a select few to handle. This is a general office party rule, yes?

Speaking of which, we’ll be back on the next blog with more tips on hosting holiday parties because, believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us! Today, we wish you a very Happy Halloween and encourage you to reach out to Eos HR with any questions or concerns you may have!