Planning a safe, in-person retreat


There’s lots of talks about hosting company-wide, in-person retreats this summer. Some teams are eager to get together for planning, relaxing, and general team-building. But it’s likely that not everyone on your team is ready to get together in-person yet.  So this week we want to share some tips on how to construct an event that caters to as many comfort levels as possible.


How to keep it safe


  1. Can the event be outside? If yes, the event will likely appeal to a lot more employees than one that will be inside a building. If it is inside, does it have good ventilation? Can windows be opened? Is it large enough to provide some social distancing? The venue and its’ ability to accommodate a variety of needs is the most important factor to consider.
  2. Recommend wearing a mask. If it’s not already a requirement, you might want to consider recommending wearing one, especially if there will be a large group gathering. At the very least, you can include verbiage that makes the choice of wearing a mask a comfortable feel welcome.
  3. Have hand sanitizer available. Especially if food and drink will be served. In general, it’s not a bad idea to limit the amount of any kind of germ spreading. No employer wants a cold running rampant through their team!
  4. Make the event optional. Employees should not feel obligated to attend and employers should make all important info shared available to those who chose to miss.
  5. Consider a hybrid option. We’ve all learned to use remote tech the past couple of years. If employees who wish to refrain from attending in-person can do so virtually, do it! The goal of any retreat is to build team-building. A hybrid approach could help with that.


Even as offices reopen and in-person becomes more commonplace, it’s important to remember that the pandemic is not over and there are many vulnerable individuals who are trying to remain as safe as possible while participating in their company’s functions. Employers who take this into consideration will likely experience a more successful transition into a post-pandemic workplace.

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