Preboarding. Because Onboarding Should Be More Than Paperwork.


It’s called preboarding. Continuing to woo the employee, if you will. As you likely know, employees switch jobs these days and one of the best ways for employers to keep their top talent is to create a work environment that is challenging (in a good way), engaging, and yes, welcoming. We’ve covered ways you can do this, such as offering great benefits and creating a company culture that makes people feel a part of the team. This week, we’re talking about how to set up your new employee to win at their job, even before they begin.

So, yes. The paperwork is essential but there are other, and equally important, ways to effectively bring on your new team member. How?

Once the offer letter has been signed, there’s typically a short (or not) period of time before the employee begins. Get the required paperwork out of the way. Then spend this time acquainting them with their new workplace. Send a welcome letter signed by the rest of the team. A tip sheet on what the employee can expect in terms of company culture. Provide them with a list of FAQs, it will save you both time during those crucial first few weeks. You can even get a little more creative and provide a list of the popular restaurants and useful businesses (think dry cleaning and drugstores) nearby the office. Appoint them a mentor, a go-to person on the team to approach for questions about the company and who can help them quickly learn office procedures.

These gestures can go a long way to making your employee feel welcome even before day one. And they can also serve to make the training/transition period go smoother with a lot less stress. Wins all around. And don’t forget the welcome donuts!

Need help bringing on new employees? That’s where we come in! Eos HR can assist you with onboarding to make sure your new employees are ready to get to work. Contact us today!