Preboarding: the onboarding game changer your business needs

Preboarding. Continuing to woo the candidate after they have been hired but before they begin their first day. It’s a really important tactic in welcoming a new employee and setting the tone for a seamless transition into the team. While there is a lot of information out there on maintaining a good relationship with staff via a positive company culture, there’s quite a bit less talk of how to immediately fold new employees into said culture as soon as they accept the offer letter. So in this blog we’re sharing how to set up your new employee to win at their job while feeling a part of the team, even before they begin.

Beyond the required paperwork: spending the time between acceptance and first day wisely

  1. Send a welcome letter from their new team.
  2. Provide a ‘tip sheet’ on what the employee can expect in terms of company culture.
  3.  Provide them with a list of FAQs  (it will save you both time during those crucial first few weeks).
  4. Share some insight on a typical day in the office (also get creative and share a list of the popular restaurants and useful businesses nearby).
  5. Most importantly, appoint them a mentor! This is a go-to person on the team to approach for questions about the company and who can help them quickly learn office procedures.

These simple gestures can go a long way to making your employee feel welcome from the start. And they can also serve to make the training/transition period go smoother with a lot less stress. Wins all around.

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