Recruiting in an Unfriendly Recruiting World: 5 Tips


The title of this week’s blog is dramatic but it’s not being too dramatic to note that it’s been difficult to bring people through the door for open positions. 2022 is going to take some creative hiring practices, and some realistic ones too, in order to adapt to a workforce that has more expectations than employers are accustomed to. This week we’ve identified the five things employers should consider before hanging the hiring sign.


Setting the groundwork to hire


  1. Be realistic about pay expectations (AKA offer a desirable salary). Can’t stress this enough. If you want great talent, you have to pay for it.
  2. Offer flexible work hours and location. Of course we’re talking about the ability to work remotely but cast an even wider net than that. Rather than all or none, maybe employees want to be in the office a couple days a week and at home the others? It appears to be the current trend. Another common request has been flexible work hours, such as starting later in the day, or splitting work hours in order to accommodate family obligations. It’s a good idea to pilot saying yes to these requests. Ask yourself, if the work is getting done, do we need to stick to 9-5?
  3. Have employee-centric programs already in place. Have you been pondering a revamp of your current wellness program? Having systems like wellness and DEI in place before beginning the hiring process is critical for attracting new talent, not to mention keeping current staff on board.  
  4. Involve current team in hiring. Not only will this tactic ensure that the right person for the job is brought on, it’s also a great way to showcase comradery and collaboration to your prospect pool, a genuinely enticing perk in any role.
  5. Use your network. Starting with your current employees. Request that they ask around for leads and possibly do some advertising on their own social pages. Offer a referral bonus such as cash or a PTO day if they bring in a new hire. Often the best talent is right under our noses if we just give it a little thought.


One last thing before we go: your HR department is an excellent tool for establishing creative and competitive hiring solutions. Are you acting as your own HR dept and ready to relinquish that responsibility? Eos HR is here for you! If you’re looking for an HR department that can meet the demands of the modern workplace, give us a call. We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses succeed in this exciting, yet challenging professional environment.  Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.