Selling Change to Your Employees

Our last blog discussed how to know when it’s time to make big changes to your company structure. So you evaluated, you drafted your restructuring plan, and now you’ve got to sell it to your employees.


It’s pretty common knowledge that employees don’t like change. No press release needed. Even if they’re unhappy with the current model, change is often unwelcome because ‘what does it mean for me?’ is running rampant in their minds. Will it mean more work, a demotion (or worse), or will they dislike the new model as much (or more so) as the old.

Selling change to your employees is an additional struggle to deal with when restructuring. Here’s a few tips on how to do it well. And remember, Eos HR is here to help you through all your company’s transitions! We have the skills to make sure the process goes smoothly.

1. Make sure your plan is solid. We think this is a given but it is so important it probably can’t be said enough. Do NOT go waving the change wand around without the complete plan on how you are going to make those changes in your back pocket. Sure, adjustments will be made throughout the implementation, but this is not the time to leave things to unfold on their own. In addition, you’re not going to inspire confidence of your plan if you can’t lay it all out for your team. Employees do not appreciate bosses who do not know what they are doing. Trust us. Need help? Get a consultant! They can be invaluable help in your restructuring and implementation.

2. Pick the right time. This is another given but still, don’t throw a restructuring party when another event will delay or interfere with it. Be smart about when to start.

3. Consistency! You spent all this time coming up with your company’s new structure, now see it through! Be smart about the adjustments to make and don’t let your employees push you to make modifications to their job description that doesn’t make sense within the new framework. That being said, also be accessible for feedback. Selling change will go far if your employees feel they are being heard during the process. You don’t have to take action on all their suggestions (remember, smart adjustment choices) but hearing them out is Smart Boss 101.

And there you have it! Formulate the plan, pick the best time to implement it, and execute! You’ve got this! And as always, Eos HR is here to make sure you the choices you make are the right ones for your business.