Ten Tips for Remote Staff Success


You know the benefits of having remote workers on staff but where are you on how to make the relationship productive and harmonious? Retaining remote talent doesn’t have to be a struggle! Here’s ten easily achievable tools you can start implementing right away:

1. Solid onboarding. Makes sense, right? The most thorough, and engaging, onboarding process is going to make remote workers feel confident they have what they need to be successful in their new roles right away.

2. Check in often. No, do not micro-manage, that doesn’t help. But do reach out on a regular basis to make sure they are getting the support they need which also lets them know their work is valued.

3. Respond! A common complaint, from every type of employee, is receiving the not-so-sweet music of crickets after they have sent off an inquiry. If you have a difficult time respond in a timely manner to emails and voicemails, you may want to consider reorganizing your workday and scheduling in time for responses. It will make a huge difference in your team’s confidence levels!

4. Give remote workers a seat at the table. Depending on logistics, invite them to spend a day in the office and include a team lunch to familiarize everyone. This can also make a big difference on your staff feeling comfortable with each other and promote productivity.

5. Team-building events. Even if your remote workers live far away, it’s a good idea to invite everyone to a team-building event at least once a year. This can be the holiday party, but make sure to incorporate some kind of structured activity that gets your team’s problem-solving (together) juices going!

6. Chat programs. Set up in-office chat program so remote workers can contact other departments easily, and vise versa. Another great way to promote productivity as well as addressing the need for remote workers to feel part of the team environment.

7. Video meetings! While it may not be possible to do many in-person meetings with remote workers, it is very possible to invite them in via video chat!

8. Home office benefits. Small expenses such as paying for WiFi and office equipment expenses will be greatly appreciated and is well on the way to be the standard arrangement, for good reason.

9. Be clear on expectations. This goes along with an excellent onboarding process but deserves some extra attention. Starting off any employee, but especially remote workers, with a thorough understanding of their expectations can easily be the thing that ensures their success. Don’t let them fall victim to doubt!

10. Recognize their achievements! A wonderful way to avoid out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome is by recognizing the goals reached and any extras your remote workers have succeeded in! Likely the most beneficial way to create a true team environment.

So now you have your remote talent AND the numerous ways in which you can create and maintain a highly productive (not to mention happy) team environment! Ready to start laying the groundwork for a successful team? We can help! Contact us today!