The Adventure Begins!

I am so excited to be introducing Eos Human Resources Consulting. After many years of working as a leader of human resources in small and midsized companies, I am ready to lend my expertise to the small businesses and start-ups that may not be ready to have an HR professional on staff, but need counseling on how to deal with employee questions and issues. The laws and regulations regarding employment can be difficult to navigate, especially in California, and understanding them a lengthy process. Eos understands the flexibility required for a small and growing business, and partners with them to ensure a successful resolution.

Eos was the Greek Goddess of the Dawn and held the hope of a new day. At Eos Human Resources Consulting, we are here to keep that hope alive. No matter what issues or problems came up yesterday, today is a new day, and we will help guide you through the labyrinth of being an employer. Whether you are ready to hire your first employee, need assistance with compliance issues such as I-9s or Affordable Care Act, or need to deal with employee performance, we can be your trusted advisor.

We look forward to working with you!