The (Appropriate) Holiday Work Party

It’s time to party! To let lose! To celebrate a great year and an even better upcoming one!

But keep it legal, for Pete’s sake.

We’ve made it simple for you. Here’s ten important do’s and dont’s to the holiday staff party:

1. Do remember this is a work event, however festive. Therefore,
2. Do remember that behavior will be monitored. Set an example for your staff!
3. Don’t treat, or allow others to treat, the party as a time to blow off steam.
4. Do encourage staff to play games or some sort of group activity. This distracts from the urge to talk about work and reminds team members that this is a time for fun!
5. Do use the party as an opportunity to show appreciation for your staff. Make a speech! Highlight something great about each member of the staff and if that proves too lengthly, talk about their strengths as a team.
6. Do spend some bucks on decorations, food and, if appropriate, alcohol. Especially if this is the only gift your company will give to employees.
8. Do make sure to go around the room several times to chat with staff. If they have been allowed to bring family members, make a point to meet them all.
9. Don’t assume that everyone celebrates Christmas, so
10. Do make sure to call the gathering a Holiday Party.

One last thing to remember? DO have fun!

Holiday parties are a great way to reconnect with your employees and demonstrate appreciation for their hard work. An excellent bonus to the festivities? It’s good for company moral. And we all know that’s a major win-win situation!

Have questions or concerns about appropriate conduct at holiday parties or within the workplace in general? Eos HR is here to help! Contact us today to set any fuzzy records straight so that you can enjoy the holiday season!