The Changes to CA Employment Law Heading Our Way

It’s the thick of the holiday season which means many employers are spending their time getting ready for the new year, which should include a thorough examination of changes in employment laws and regulations for 2023. In this blog we’ll be listing the biggies, but do note that there may be additional revisions in your niche industry, which is worth keeping an eye out for!

Ringing in 2023 Legislation

  1. AB1041: This bills expands upon California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and CA’s paid sick leave by broadening who an employee can take leave to care for to a ‘designated person.’
  2. AB 1949: Here we see protection for bereavement leave, allowing employees to take up to five unpaid days off work. They can use existing monies in their PTO, sick days, etc. and are required to take bereavement leave within three months of the death.
  3. AB 2188: This bill protects the right of an employee to use cannabis products outside of the workplace while off-the-clock, however, it does not affect the employer’s right to require drug testing for a job. Note this bill goes into affect in January of 2024.
  4. SB 1162: Under this bill, employers must provide a pay scale for a job upon request. Additionally, employers with 15 or more employees must provide the pay scale when posting a job.
  5. SB 1044: If an employee refuses to report to a workplace, or leave that workplace, because they feel the location is unsafe, an employer is prohibited from taking disciplinary action against them. This bill also prohibits an employer from forbidding an employee the use of their cellphone in order to make an emergency call.
  6. California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA): January 1st sees the expiration of the employment information exemption for employers, meaning that they now have new obligations on how they store and grant access to the personal information of employees.

Laws protecting workers has been a hot topic and 2022 proved that the trend is sticking around. It’s extremely important that employers are aware of these laws and implement the necessary protocols to be compliant to them, both for the protection of employer and employee. A healthy and prosperous workplace depends on this.

The trends in legislature are as diverse as the people who work hard every day to keep the economy evolving, and employers are increasingly called upon to ensure that their teams are fairly treated. If you’re looking for an HR department that can meet the demands of the modern workplace, EOS is your answer! We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses succeed in this exciting, yet challenging economic landscape.  Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.