The Company Holiday Party: How to keep it safe (and fun)


The company holiday party is in a unique position this year. While many offices have reopened, safety measures are still very much in effect which begs the question: just how safe can an office party be? If you’re choosing an in-person event, we’ve put together some tips to help ensure that the party stays festive while keeping everyone safe.


Fun and safety can (and should) mingle successfully


  1. First, there are different rules to hosting in-person events in each state, and even in each region and/or county. Know what you’re legally allowed to do and what you’re legally responsible for providing to and requiring of attendees. The most common one here is whether or not masks are required of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Research the rules and then make it clear on the information provided to employees. Getting the message out beforehand will be the best way to avoid any confusion or non-compliance issues.
  2. Create a safe space. This includes adhering to capacity limits, providing ventilation, requiring mask wearing when not actively eating or drinking. We’re all pretty familiar with the different ways in which we can socialize safely. The trick here is to keep it going throughout the party, as we all know sometimes these things slip when we’re getting comfortable. Which brings us to:
  3. To allow alcohol or not to allow alcohol. If alcohol has been allowed at your events in the past, it may feel awkward to not continue with the tradition. But do give it some serious thought. While no company holiday parties should be ragers (talk about putting yourself in liability danger) even a few drinks can impair our ability to make good judgment calls on safety. So if you are going to allow alcohol, we’d like to suggest a glass limit per person.


And now some general tips for the company holiday party


  1. Do remember this is a work event, however festive. Therefore,
  2. Remember that behavior will be monitored. Set an example for your staff!
  3. Don’t treat, or allow others to treat, the party as a time to blow off steam.
  4. Do encourage staff to play games or some sort of group activity. This distracts from the urge to talk about work and reminds team members that this is a time for fun!
  5. Do use the party as an opportunity to show appreciation for your staff. Make a speech! Highlight something great about each member of the staff and if that proves too lengthy, talk about their strengths as a team.


Holiday parties are a great way to reconnect with your employees and demonstrate appreciation for their hard work. An excellent bonus to the festivities? It’s good for company moral. And we all know just how important that is these days. So take care to create a safe environment and then HAVE FUN.


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