The Genesis of Eos HR Consulting: Empowering small businesses with HR expertise

As told by CEO Sara Skowronksi

After 18 years of working in human resources, I was ready to start making an even bigger impact in the industry. Throughout my career, I had noticed a real need for accessible HR in one specific area: the small business community. In all the time I spent working with these employers, I recognized that what they wanted most was HR solutions that worked best for their business’ unique needs, and that these solutions had not been readily available to them.

What makes a small business so unique? For starters it’s the culture of few people wearing many hats. It’s just the nature of the game when a business relies on fewer people to operate. In a previous role as HR Manager for a boutique staffing firm, my own responsibilities extended beyond the traditional HR functions. They included operational duties, finance and marketing tasks, managing IT, and overseeing the facilities. Phew! I was incredibly busy and through this multifaceted role I gained invaluable insight into the challenges faced by small businesses.

But this requirement of wearing multiple hats can have a negative impact on the success of a small business if they don’t have access to quality resources needed to thrive, which can lead to compliance issues, employee dissatisfaction, and lost opportunities for growth. So I decided to change that. I began Eos HR with the sole purpose of partnering with small businesses to inform and protect them, and to empower them to grow, even if they couldn’t afford a full-time HR professional on staff.

The name ‘Eos’ originates from Greek mythology, it is the goddess of the dawn. And it captures the essence of my consultancy firm perfectly, symbolizing the new beginnings and opportunities that Eos HR brings to a small business. Our core philosophy is in providing the most impactful HR solutions in establishing a strong foundation for stability and growth. The Eos team understands that small businesses require the ability to adapt quickly to change without missing a beat so that they remain capable of seizing new opportunities that come their way.

With this in mind, we offer a range of services that offer the flexibility a small business needs, including:

  1. HR compliance: We ensure that a business meets all legal obligations, from employee contracts and policies to workplace safety guidelines.
  2. HR consulting: By acting as a trusted advisor, we help companies align their HR strategies with their business goals, fostering a positive work environment and employee engagement.
  3. HR outsourcing: For those small businesses that need ongoing HR support but lack the resources for an in-house HR team, we provide customized outsourcing solutions. This enables them to access expert HR guidance on demand.
  4. Training and development: Our tailored training programs enhance the skills of both employees and managers, thereby promoting professional growth and improving overall performance.

I’m extremely proud of the work the Eos team does everyday to support our client’s success in growing their business while fulfilling their legal compliance. Our partnerships with the small business community are incredibly empowering, and I’m honored to be a trusted resource for these employers as they navigate the ever-changing world of doing business. Together we’re expanding the importance and the influence of the small business owner, something we can all get behind.

Thank you for taking the time to learn the history of Eos HR and the services we offer the small business employer. We look forward to a very prosperous future together!

Sara Skowronski, CEO