The Great Hiring Guide for 2021


Everything looks different this year and hiring is no exception. While in the past hiring managers could rely on previous years to make projections for an upcoming one, now they’re in the unique situation of having to predict the best methods for attracting talent in a vastly changing workplace. This week we’re bringing you some important factors to consider in order to make each hiring decision the best fit for your team.


How to setup employees for success


  1. Feedback is your best resource. Before even drafting that job description, invite your team to provide their insight on the following onboarding processes (just to name a few): How could onboarding have been improved? Did they feel embraced by the team? Did they find instructions from management to be clear?
  2. Focus on maintaining a healthy and safe company culture in 2021. Use your team’s feedback to everyone’s advantage by making a sincere effort in fostering camaraderie, professional growth, and work-life balance for your employees. We wrote a blog about this subject recently (and provided a great list of ideas!)
  3. Offer RELEVANT perks and benefits. What used to attract talent in years past (think free meals and lunchtime yoga classes) won’t apply anymore, at least not this year (and maybe not really ever again). What else can you offer? 2021 is the year of flexible schedules, mental health support systems, and useful digital tools that make working in this new environment easier. And prepare to invest in these for the long-term. Another great perk to offer? Giving your team TIME back. It’ll be more important than ever this year to offer employees personal days for recharging.
  4. Thorough introductions for new and returning staff. Especially if you have remote workers, you’ll want to make sure they are familiar with the other members of the team right away. This also applies to returning staff. A mentorship program for onboarding is an excellent way to support this endeavor, and can be used to periodically check in with staff to ensure they understand their role and the goals involved.


Checklist for great hiring


  1. With increased remote work comes increased security risks. Spend the time to identify the measures you need to take to ensure data stays confidential.
  2. An exceptionally clear and thorough employee handbook. Your handbook should not gather dust, it should be the resource employees reach for first when they have questions regarding policies and procedures. Need help? Eos HR can assist in designing your most effective handbook yet (see our blog on handbook construction here).
  3. Have training resources in place. We kept seeing a new mantra for hiring in 2021: hire for skills not experience. We’re now looking at the skills an employee brings to the team rather than such a heavy emphasis on their work history. Want to grow your own talented team? (The answer is yes). Invest in regular trainings so your company remains their source for professional growth.


If the thought of hiring in the current economic environment overwhelms you, you’re not alone but incorporating these proposals can help make each hire a success and support your company’s goals. And we saved the best tip for last: Eos HR can help! We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses to create and sustain smart hiring practices. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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