The Resume of a Job Hopper

This one goes out to all you hiring managers out there. Are you looking at resume after resume from candidates who go from job-to-job in a short period of time? Not sure what to make of this phenomenon? It’s supposed to be a sign of a lack of skill and responsibility, right?

Not so fast.

What was once true, that people who moved on from jobs quickly were not a good hire, is increasingly less so. In fact, currently most workers out there stay an average of less than five years at a company. It’s the norm.

Which means you have to start rethinking how to consider this trend. How to recognize a skilled job hopper from one simply hopping. We help you out here:

1. Look for a series of jobs that show progression. If the candidate has received a promotion of sorts with each job he or she has moved on to, this is a good sign that they are growing their skillset. A series of lateral moves? That work history is probably lacking in useful experience.

2. The candidate tells a good story of their work history. They should be able to give you reasonable details of the transitions they’ve made, including any gaps in their employment. Not being able to explain their career moves efficiently is a red flag.

3. Great references. If the candidate has made smart decisions in transitioning from jobs, they should be able to provide a list of positive references that demonstrate the move was for career growth, and not for negative reasons.

Don’t let this new trend turn you off from hiring potential rockstar employees! Using these tips can help you recognize the driven candidates from the ‘meh’. And remember, Eos HR is your resource for all things hiring!