The Tactful Networker

Your industry’s holiday party invitations have been sent out and your inbox is getting full with them. You already know the ones you want to accept and the people you hope to meet there. You’ve been thinking of the benefits made from these connections for awhile now. So are you ready to network?

Feeling anxious? If you’re not a smooth networker, you’re not alone. But fear not! We have some words of advice for you to keep in mind so you can meet and promote…tactfully.

Practice your elevator speech and keep it short. It really shouldn’t be longer than a few sentences. The go-ahead to keep talking about your services is being invited to continue (e.g. asked a question). No invitation? Leave the subject be but continue engaging by asking them something non-work related. Also, don’t launch into your elevator speech unless it’s appropriate. Even if you never get around to talking business, you’re still making a connection. Forcefully changing the subject to focus on your company is obvious…and off-putting.

Listen to your new contact. We’re all fighting to be heard these days. The best way to make a great impression? Pay attention to what they’re saying. It will get noticed.

Be useful. Recommend a resource to help with a dilemma they may have. Be a connector and you will be remembered.

And most importantly, bring business cards! And no other marketing material. We’re serious.

Own the upcoming holiday season to your business’ advantage! And then let Eos HR assist with any transistions necessary as you scale your company with all this new business. Happy networking!